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Offering consultancy on Regulations to provide you with an in-house service assisting you with meeting your compliance

regulations and your business

  • Do you think that you may not be fully aware of the regulations that affect your business?
  • Are you concerned that you are not complying with all the requirements of particular regulation?
  • Do you find regulations generally complex and worded, so that it takes excessive amounts or your time to try to find out how to comply?

how we can help

The Regulation Shop can assist you by reviewing those regulations, providing plain English reviews of the measures that affect your business and assisting you in understanding compliance needs.

Additionally, keeping you updated on changes to those regulations and any proposed regulations that may impact on your business in the future.

recent news

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F-Gas Proposals

Representatives of the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament reach agreement on a Common Position on the F-Gas Proposals, phasing down by 79% of present CO2 Equivalence and phasing out HFCs of 150+GWP in Commercial refrigeration by 2022.

Global climate change agreement

UN appoints special envoys to assist negotiations for a global climate change agreement.

HGV Levy

HGV Road User Levy applies from April 2014

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regular updates

stay current with regular updates tailored to your company's requirements

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